Republic of Ireland Packages & Prices

Our packages are designed to give you the maximum choice. You can choose packages that include antenatal care, birth support and postnatal care to give you the level of support that you feel is right for you.

The following prices apply to the Republic of Ireland and are in Euros, if you are from the U.K or Channel islands please click here
If you are from overseas and want to travel to the UK to give birth see the international prices here

Client Information Booklet

If you would like to know more information of what you can expect from us before making a booking please have a look at our client information booklet


Price Increase - February 2018

Please note that our prices will be increasing from the 1st of February 2018

Antenatal Support

During pregnancy, you are advised to access antenatal care. This is to ensure that you and baby remain well and also to give you information about your choices and options for birth. We do understand that this can be both an exciting and anxious time for you, and so our aim is to give you expert care to ensure you have a positive pregnancy and birth experience. Pregnancy can be a worrying time and we want to help you feel relaxed and confident throughout.

All antenatal appointments are conducted in your own home or a mutually agreeable place. Normally you will see the same midwife throughout. Appointments are typically every 4 weeks until 28 weeks of pregnancy, then every 2-3 weeks until 37 weeks of pregnancy, then weekly until birth.

Package Prices:

  • Early Pregnancy

    Care from early pregnancy until birth
  • 24 Weeks

    Care from 24 weeks of pregnancy or later, until birth
  • 36 weeks

    Care from 36 weeks of pregnancy until birth
  • Single Appointment

  • Complete care - care commences in early pregnancy and continues until birth. Total midwifery and emotional support throughout from a dedicated midwife. Package includes parent education, relaxation advice and birth planning. Also includes a visit to your local maternity unit if required
  • Care from 24 weeks of pregnancy or later - this package includes your routine physical antenatal checks and also advice on relaxation, pain relief in labour and choices for birth
  • Care from 36 weeks of pregnancy until birth - total care for the last part of your pregnancy from a dedicated midwife
  • Single appointment - this is ideal if you want reassurance, need to explore your options, or are visiting another area and want a check up. Appointments last about an hour

We used customised growth charts, as recommended by the perinatal institute ( 

At your first appointment your midwife will offer you the option of having this personalised growth chart to monitor the growth of your uterus. The chart is tailor made just for you and gives us a more accurate way of monitoring how things are. 

We will also give you the option of having your blood pressure checked, we will offer to examine you to assess your physical health, and after 28 weeks your midwife will offer to examine your abdomen and listen to baby’s heart beat (you can hear this too). 

Private scans and blood tests are not included in the price as these are normally provided free of charge by your local NHS hospital. Your midwife can arrange these for you. If you would like private scans and blood tests, we can arrange this for you at an additional charge.

Birth Care & Support

Having someone with you who you know and trust can really help to make sure your baby’s birth is a positive experience. We can offer midwifery care for planned homebirth. We can also offer doula support at home or in hospital.  In some circumstances, an arrangement can be made to allow your midwife to accompany you at your hospital birth in the role of emotional support only. Whatever you choose, we are on call for you from around 37 weeks of pregnancy, ready to accompany you and support you at this exciting time. Please click here for information on birth choices.

*Please note the minimum Home Birth Package we can provide is care from 36 weeks of pregnancy, support for labour and birth and one weeks post natal care

Package Prices:

  • Support only (hospital birth)

    midwife emotional support for your hospital birth
  • Birth Support (home birth)*

    *You must also select an antenatal support package (excludes single appointment) and at least one weeks postnatal care with this option
  • Birthing Pool

    New birthing pool and liner delivered to your home
  • Gas Cylinder

    One Large Gas Cylinder (brought by the midwife when labour commences)

A new birth pool and accessory kit will be delivered to your home at an agreed time when you are about 34 weeks pregnant.
This gives you time to open the pool, practice blowing it up and decide where it will be positioned.
You should inflate the pool and check all tap connectors as soon as possible after arrival so if there is anything else you need, you have time to arrange this before hand.
Typically your pool and accessory kit will include:

  • Inflatable Pool
  • Pool Cover & Pool Liner
  • Electeric Air Pump & Electric Water Pump
  • Hose
  • Debris Net & Ground Sheet
  • Tap Connector
  • Storage bag

Most women who plan a home birth like the reassurance of having “gas and air” available should they need it. This is a medical gas that contains Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen and is known as Entonox. Entonox is very effective at taking the edge of labour discomfort, or as a short term pain relief if you need to have any stitches.
If you live in the Republic of Ireland, your midwife will bring a large cylinder of gas with her when she attends you in labour.

Postnatal Care

After baby is born, our midwives and support workers are here to help you adjust to life with a new baby, helping with feeding and baby care as well as caring for mum both physically and emotionally. We are here to support you.

After baby is born, the joy and excitement can often be mixed with a lack of sleep and worrying about your new responsibilities as a parent. We are here to help and support you throughout this time. Your midwife will visit you in hospital and/or at home and complete the physical checks for you and baby, assist with feeding and also provide emotional support.

If you are having problems breast feeding, we can put together an intensive breast feeding support package for you. Our standard intensive breast feeding support package includes daily visits for 7 days to support you in establishing breast feeding.


Breast Feeding

98% of our mums breast feed successfully thanks to our help and support.

Package Prices:

  • Six Weeks

    Six weeks of care postnatal
  • Four Weeks

    Four weeks of care postnatal
  • Three Weeks

    Three weeks of care postnatal
  • Two Weeks

    Two weeks of care postnatal
  • One Week

    One week of care postnatal
  • Single Appointment

  • Intensive breast feeding support

    Daily visits for 7 days
  • Six weeks care - typically 12 visits (with your midwife available by telephone and text in between visits). Your midwife will arrange for your baby’s blood tests if required and she will also arrange for a hearing test if you wish. She will support you with feeding and advise on baby care
  • Four weeks care - as above but typically 9-10 visits
  • Three weeks care - as above but typically 7-8 visits
  • Two weeks of care - as above but typically 6-7 visits
  • One week of care - as above but typically 3-4 visits
  • Single appointment - typically lasting an hour ideal if you need a little advice or extra support to compliment the care you are already receiving.

Payment Options

Once you have chosen your package of care you can also choose how you want to pay. We offer interest free flexible payment options for up to 12 months to help spread the cost (T&C's apply) - Have a look at our payment options and then use the package calculator below:

Option 1

Pay in Full

Pay in full at time of booking

Option 2

Interest Free

Pay a deposit of at least €500 and spread the cost of the balance interest free over a maximum of 12 months in total:

  • Deposit in month one and then further payments monthly for up to a maximum of 11 months.
  • Payments must be made via Direct Debit.


Option 3


Pay a deposit of €500 at booking and then pay the balance the week your care commences

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